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Picture of Wesdome's Eagle River

Rail Transport Costs – How much have they increased?

Our analyst’s review for rail transport over the past decades notes the abnormally large increase in the cost to move rail freight continues and new rates now persist for a third year. The new cost regime in transportation appears more permanent fixture since the initial impact of Covid-19 continues unchanged. What is happening or what might be a cause of the much-steepened upward increase in cost seen in since 2020.

Picture of Wesdome's Eagle River

How Much Do You Make Working at a Mine?

Each year, Costmine Intelligence surveys mines throughout the United States, Canada annually for information about wages, salaries, benefits, and incentive bonus plans.

Uranium Mine
Data Samples

Top 10 Uranium Drill Results 2023

Costmine Intelligence reviewed its drilling database to dig up with the best uranium drill results of 2023.


Top 10 Mining Financings February 2024

In February 2024, Costmine Intelligence tracked 84 closed mining financings that amounted to $1,973,244,596 (USD), an 163-per-cent increase over closed financings in January 2024.

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