SHERPA Mineral Processing

Optimize Your Mine Operations Plan with SHERPA Mineral Processing

Sherpa Mineral Processing is your essential application for accurately estimating both capital and operating expenses linked to any mineral property development endeavor.  Streamline the process by providing detailed projections for purchasing processing equipment, installation costs, construction expenses for mills and associated facilities (including tailings impoundments), and ongoing operational costs.  

Gain invaluable insights into the financial landscape of your mineral processing project by accurately characterizing your feed and recommending the most suitable processing technique. With a library of 14 meticulously crafted flowsheets, designed to address a wide range of common ore types, our program ensures comprehensive coverage for your specific needs. 

Compare up to 5 projects together in terms of capital and operating cost at once, which is empowered by categorical charts and table.  

SHERPA Mineral Processing is a powerful application that optimizes your operations with engineering-based calculations and a comprehensive dataset. Whether you are a small-scale mining operation or a multinational corporation, simulate various processing scenarios, identify potential risks and enable data-driven adjustments. 

Backed by a team of experienced engineers and analysts specializing in mining cost estimation, the SHERPA Mineral Processing offers unparalleled expertise for your projects.   

Efficient Flowsheets 

Modify operating parameters seamlessly to suit your project’s unique requirements. The SHERPA Mineral Processing suggests the most efficient flowsheet based on your deposit type, suite of commodities, the specific ore and gangue minerals at play. These calculations emulate the flow through the plant to establish a material balance which estimates flow rates, size fractions, and a solids density of the feed into each machine, determining required capacities and resulting sizes. 

Fueled by Mining Cost Service 

Drawing data directly from our extensive cost database, SHERPA Mineral Processing provides quick estimates with minimal project details. It suggests values for critical engineering parameters, including hole loading factors, material densities, explosive types, and bench heights. Generate detailed project output reports with intuitive data visualization. From Executive Summaries to Total Project Cost breakdowns, all reports can be exported in PDF format for seamless sharing with your team.  


Enter basic information for your project such as Reserve, Deposit type, Commodity, grade, gangue minerals to support, and project duration along with engineering parameters associated with specific site tasks and SHERPA Mineral Processing will immediately estimate and display details like equipment and labor requirements, required supplies, along with associated operating costs and hourly wage estimates.


Improve the accuracy of your estimates by taking advantage of SHERPA’s in-depth customization options. Every value suggested by SHERPA is adjustable, allowing you to fine tune your estimate to meet the exact specifications of your project. And because every field is adjustable, SHERPA will adapt to any location in the world. From start to finish, all costs displayed in the application can be adjusted at any time to get the most accurate results possible. 


Once you’ve completed the data entry on your project, SHERPA will generate a detailed report with all the capital and operating costs calculated and totaled. You can then save these results in an easy to read PDF format that you can share with your team. 

Who is SHERPA Mineral Processing for?

SHERPA Mineral Processing is the ideal application for cost estimators and engineers who need quick, reliable cost estimates for their mineral processing plants. With an intuitive, easy to use interface, and comprehensive data set, you can turn your project data into a reliable cost estimate in just a few steps. 

Want to learn more about SHERPA Mineral Processing and how it can help you streamline your mining cost estimation process?

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Chris Berry

Vice-President Sales

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