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Spokane (Head Office)

100 N Mullan Rd Ste 102
Spokane Valley, Washington
99206, USA

Mike Sinden

VP, Costmine Intelligence

What We Do

While our capabilities and experience cover a broad spectrum of mining and geologic areas, we are especially proud of the reputation we have attained in the areas of cost estimating and economic analysis. By combining our varied backgrounds with solid cost engineering skills, we produce extremely reliable projections for virtually any mining-related activity. The Costmine philosophy proposes that a reliable economic analysis provides the necessary foundation upon which successful exploration, research, development, operations and reclamation programs are built.

Our expert team consists of registered professional mining engineers, cost estimators, geologists, and staff specializing in equipment, reclamation, and compensation. We also provide, as needed, support personnel. This group forms a strong working team built on a solid foundation, drawing from productive careers in mine engineering, mineral economics, project evaluation, mine operation, exploration, and government service.

In addition to our flagship product, Mining Cost Service, we provide a wide range of specialty cost estimating manuals focusing on metal, coal, heap leaching, reclamation, labor compensation studies and our Mine and Mill Equipment Costs Guide. Along with our cost estimating software packages, Sherpa and Apex, these tools enable hundreds of users worldwide to utilize reliable data and sophisticated cost engineering techniques in their own cost and economic studies.

It is our job to save you time, and help you achieve success.

Our Story

Mining Cost Service began in Otto Schumacher’s basement in 1983. Recognizing that capital, supplies and labor costs were very difficult to obtain for pre-feasibility studies, Otto took a leap of faith, sold his sailboat and started Western Mine Engineering, the precursor to Costmine.

As part of the InfoMine family of products, Costmine grew both it’s staff and it’s stable of products, developing our industry standard cost estimating reference materials and cutting-edge software.

After 37 years, the business has grown from that simple basement office to a company respected on every continent. With our eyes set on the future of the mining and resources industry, and working with our partners at Glacier Resource Innovation Group, our aim is to push the limits of modern cost estimating practices to new levels of accuracy and reliability, helping our clients achieve even greater success in the years to come.

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