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Our Story

For over four decades, Costmine has been at the forefront of innovation in the mining industry. What began as a visionary leap by Otto Schumacher, PE, in 1983 has evolved into a trusted authority on mining cost analysis, strategic planning, and data-driven decision-making. 

From the inception of the groundbreaking Mining Cost Service, which revolutionized how mining projects are evaluated, to the development of the comprehensive Apex and Sherpa programs, Costmine has been dedicated to empowering mining professionals worldwide. 

Our commitment to excellence led us to gather a team of industry veterans, including Scott Stebbins, Burt Gosling, Jennifer Leinart, Brad Terhune, Krista Noyes, and David Boleneus  who brought invaluable expertise from their tenure at the US Bureau of Mines, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and major mining companies including Teck, Newmont, Asarco, Hecla, and Exxon. With their insights, we expanded our offerings to include essential resources such as the Mine & Mill Equipment, An Estimator’s Guide, setting new standards for accuracy and reliability in the industry. 

In 2019, a pivotal year of expansion, Glacier Media’s energy and mining divisions merged, giving rise to a new frontier in innovative intelligence, media, marketing, and digital talent solutions – Glacier Resource Innovation Group (Glacier RIG Ltd.). In 2019 Glacier RIG emerged as a division of Glacier Media Group, encompassing the existing JWN Energy Group, The Northern Miner Group, and InfoMine Inc. 

In 2022, a new chapter unfolded for Costmine as we embarked on the transformation of Sherpa programs into cloud-based applications, enhancing accessibility and usability. It was during this transformative period that Costmine merged with Mining Intelligence, creating Costmine Intelligence. With a team exceeding 40 employees spread across the United States, Canada, the Philippines, and India, Costmine Intelligence solidified its position as a global industry leader. 

A significant milestone in 2023 marked the culmination of years of innovation with the release of Sherpa for Underground, Surface, and Mineral Processing, empowering mining professionals worldwide. This pivotal year also saw Glacier RIG sell its mining media group to EarthLabs, enabling a sharper focus on Costmine Intelligence alongside its sister divisions of Edumine and Careermine. 

In this dynamic era, we welcomed Mike Sinden as our fearless leader, VP of Metals and Mining Research. Drawing from his wealth of experience at Wood Mackenzie as the Head of Metals Market and Investment Research, Mike Sinden brings invaluable expertise to our team. 

Today, Costmine Intelligence continues to push the boundaries of innovation, committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that drive success for mining companies of all sizes. We understand the challenges and intricacies of the mining industry, and our mission remains clear: to empower mining professionals with the tools and knowledge needed for informed decisions, optimal efficiency, and sustainable growth. 

Join us as we script the next chapter of innovation and excellence in the mining industry. 

Our Data

Costmine Intelligence’s first priority is delivering accurate and reliable data that our clients can have confidence in. Our highly skilled engineers and data analysts have been curating our proprietary databases for over 40 years. Our experts gather data from a variety of sources, collecting and normalizing the information to meet the specific needs of those working in or with the mining industry. Fueled by our core values of Confidence, Curiosity, and Growth, our team works tirelessly to ensure we are always providing the most accurate, reliable, and timely data possible.

Our Team

Mike Sinden

Mike Sinden

Vice President

Chris Berry

Vice President, Sales

Melissa Woo

Sales & Marketing Operations Manager

Olivia Spilker

Sales &Marketing Operations Associate

Companies and Properties Team

Claudia Gheorghe

Manager, Mining Intelligence

khyati Patel

Corporate Analyst

Mining Costs Team

Jennifer Leinart

Director, Cost Estimating

Brad Terhune

Cost Analyst / Senior Geologist

Krista Noyes

Cost Analyst / Reclamation Specialist

David Boleneus

Cost Analyst / Senior Geologist

Ali Vossoughian

Cost Analyst / Mining Engineer

Mahdieh Dianati

Cost Analyst / Mineral Processing Engineer

Michael Grimm

Cost Analyst / Mechanical Engineer

Joshua Barth

Cost Analyst / Geologist

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