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Advance Your Mine Cost Estimation Model

Sherpa Apex is designed for prefeasibility economic analysis of proposed mining projects, providing a comprehensive toolkit for financial evaluation and analysis.

Complete Cash Flow Schedule

Produce a detailed cash flow schedule for your mining project, allowing you to visualize the flow of funds over time.

Net Present Value (NPV) Calculation

Compute the projected Net Present Value of your project, helping you assess its profitability and potential for return on investment.

Pay-Back Period Analysis

Determine the time it takes for your project to pay back its initial investment, aiding in strategic financial planning.

Internal Rate of Return (IRR) Calculation

Understand the potential return on your investment with the Internal Rate of Return calculation, crucial for decision-making.

Breakeven Analysis

Easily compute the breakeven value for key data items such as ore grade, production rate, stripping ratio, smelting charges, or mining costs. This feature allows you to understand the minimum values required for your project to be financially viable.

Risk and Sensitivity Modules

Sherpa Apex offers powerful risk and sensitivity analysis modules, enabling you to assess the economic impact of variations in key data elements. This helps in understanding the potential risks and uncertainties associated with your project.

Ease of Use and Customization

Sherpa Apex is menu-driven and incredibly user-friendly. It is designed with an innovative and unique block layering technique, allowing you to construct cash-flow models for almost any mining scenario, from simple to complex. The program can be operated at varying levels of detail, depending on your needs and abilities.

Requirements and Operation

APEX is designed for users with a basic understanding of discounted cash-flow analysis and the interrelationships of mining parameters. It requires familiarity with mining, milling, smelting, transportation, ore reserves, and production rates.

However, its intuitive interface makes it accessible to users at all levels of expertise.

Fueled by the Mining Cost Service

All necessary salaries, hourly wages, and equipment and supply prices are drawn directly from our cost database to allow for quick estimates with minimal project details. SHERPA provides suggested values for all necessary engineering parameters, such as hole loading factors, material densities, explosive types, and bench heights, and more.

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Accurate Cost Estimates, Wherever You Are

Accessible via any web browser, SHERPA offers the convenience of cloud-based access, enabling you to work on your projects from anywhere, anytime.

Detailed Reports with Data Visualization

Complete project output reports offer several views of your project estimations, including an Executive Summary, Total Project Cost Summary, and more. All of these pages can be exported in PDF format for quick and easy sharing with your team.


Enter basic information for your project such as location, ore type, distances to support, and project duration along with engineering parameters associated with specific site tasks and SHERPA will immediately estimate and display details like equipment and labor requirements, along with associated operating costs and hourly wage estimates.


Improve the accuracy of your estimates by taking advantage of SHERPA’s in-depth customization options. Every value suggested by SHERPA is adjustable, allowing you to fine tune your estimate to meet the exact specifications of your project. And because every field is adjustable, SHERPA will adapt to any location in the world. From start to finish, all costs displayed in the application can be adjusted at any time to get the most accurate results possible.


Once you’ve completed the data entry on your project, SHERPA will generate a detailed report with all of the capital and operating costs calculated and totaled. You can then save these results in an easy to read PDF format that you can share with your team.

Who is SHERPA Surface for?

SHERPA Surface is the ideal tool for cost estimators and engineers who need quick, reliable cost estimates for their surface mining projects. Whether you’re starting from scratch, or simply want to sanity test your own estimates, SHERPA Surface contains all of the necessary data, models, and algorithms to ensure that your work adheres to highest standard of quality in the mining industry.

Want to learn more about SHERPA Apex and how it can help you streamline your mining cost estimation process?

Request a demo with a member of our team to get a hands on tour of the SHERPA suite of mine cost estimation software.

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