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Get an Edge on the Competition with the Most Comprehensive Database Dedicated to Mining in the World

Keeping track of mining companies and their properties globally to make sound business decisions is not a trivial task. Mining Intelligence provides you with the data you need for your workflows, enabling you to skip the data gathering effort so you can focus on research and analysis.

With a 35+ year history of gathering mining industry data, we understand the intricacies of mining data and how this is reported. Our global team of experienced analysts meticulously curate data from myriad sources, putting hours of research at your fingertips in minutes. Our intuitive platform is designed to help mining companies, investors, service providers, suppliers, governments, and any other organizations focused on the mining industry find target mining companies or properties quickly and drill down deeper into specific datasets easily. All our source documents are also available in an extensive, searchable library that is fully integrated on the platform. Achieve your goals with Mining Intelligence.

Our Exhaustive Database Includes


Uncover the Best Investment Opportunities in Mining

Our exhaustive database comprises over 18K companies, 41K properties, and 2.3 million documents stretching back over 30 years. Our team of analysts meticulously curate data from myriad sources, putting hours of research at your fingertips in minutes.


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Cut Through the Noise with Advanced Filters

Whether you are doing business development, market assessment, academic research, property or company evaluation, our platform helps you find the data you need for your analyses. Define commodities, countries, property development status’, geology, technology, and more, to refine your search. 

Data That Meets Your Needs

Once you’ve found the data you’re looking for, quickly and easily export your results in a convenient Excel spreadsheet, perfect for plugging in to your own reports and documents.

The platform has the ability to create unlimited customizable search templates so that you can repeat this at any time should you need to.

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A Wealth of Global Mining Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Core Data Module

The Core Data Module includes basic data on each company and property in the database and is the foundation of the Data Application.

Company Data

Core company data includes head office information, commodity and asset type exposure, properties owned, as well as market and financial data. You can view this data on an individual company basis, with the ability to download the company profile as a pdf, or as a comparative table with other companies.

Property Data

The Property Data includes an overview of a property, including commodity exposure, type of operation, location, and development status, as well as the ownership structure, production and reserves and resources of the property. As with our Company Data, our Property Data can be viewed on an individual basis, and includes the original source documents, or as a comparative table with other properties.

Executives and Directors

Access current and historical Directors and Executives information (limited to companies listed on a North American trading exchange). Get job titles, status, and appointment year for each individual, and read bios for each director.

Enhanced Financials

Analyze a company’s financial performance with the quick overview table or detailed reports for income, balance sheet, cash flow, and earnings/operations ratios. Check key fundamental charts, too.

Capital Raisings

Track capital raisings to gauge the mining industry’s health. Check daily to find out the amount and who is raising capital for exploration, development, working capital or debt retirement. Look for details on equity flow-through, warrants, and raising agents. Use the visual chart to compare capital raisings against cash & equivalents on a quarterly or annual basis. Compare proposed and final amounts, status, agents, activities, and properties.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Compare companies’ buying or divesting of assets through property or corporate acquisitions. Access analytics on Overview, Assets, Financial, and Valuation tabs. Compare total acquisition cost, method of consideration, purchased assets and reserves/resources, in situ value, amount paid per commodity, and value per unit metal as a percentage of the commodity price.

Options and Royalties

Search and analyze by company or property to find granted options* and royalties**. Compare properties with options and expiry date, option amount, and detailed notes. Compare royalties by type, start date, expiry date, and detailed notes. 

* An option on a property occurs when a company with no current interest makes cash and/or share payments at regular intervals to receive a defined interest in the property.

** A royalty is the amount of compensation paid to the owner of a property which is commercially producing or by the operator. Common types of royalties are Net Smelter Return (NSR), Net Profit Interest (NPI) and Gross Overriding Royalty (GORR).


Enhanced Reserves and Resources

Detailed analytics into a property’s history and valuation. Analyze quantity and value progression by examining current and historical in-situ reserves and resources value, and unlimited history of property reserves and resources by commodity.

Enhanced Production

Quickly visualize current and historical production of a property or company using charts and graphs comparing ore production and metal in ore production. Compare datasets, including material mined, ore mined & milled, ore body type, and metal in ore value.

Development Studies

Analyze information from publicly released reports relating to properties from the scoping stage through feasibility. Compare datasets, including NPV, IRR & Net Cash Flow before and after tax, payback period, and operating costs and capital costs initial, sustaining, and total.

Production Costs

Gauge the health of a producing mine based on reported production costs. Compare datasets, including cash costs, production, total and all-in sustaining costs, and realized price, against commodity price to find potential opportunities.

Drill Results

Get an overview of exploration activity, identifying which geographical areas are “hot” and showing new projects based on good drill intersections to deliver on your mergers and acquisitions strategy. Search and filter data based on width, grade, grade x width, commodity, and property.


Operations allow you to know the mining method and processing technology used at an existing or future mine, including mining technologies for open pit, surface and underground mining, processing technologies, leaching technologies, concentration and recovery technologies, and reagents.


Geography shows the proximity of properties to each other, existing infrastructure, and the surrounding geography. You can visualize property locations on an interactive map and download supporting data, including the average elevation, precipitation, and climate zone for each property.


Geology provides information on ore deposit type and a summary of other geological criteria for a property.

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Who is Mining Intelligence for?

Mining Intelligence is designed for investors and mining professionals looking for insight and due diligence into their business development, market assessment, project and company analysis, and academic research. By utilizing Mining Intelligence, you will gain valuable insights into property or company potential, allowing you to make informed, data-driven recommendations and decisions that give you an edge on the competition.

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