Improve Mining Cost Estimates with SHERPA

Enhance the precision and dependability of your mining cost estimates while streamlining the time invested with SHERPA. From initial financial evaluations to reclamation, SHERPA provides the essential data combined with advanced models and algorithms, enabling accurate cost calculations at every phase of your mine’s life cycle.

Built upon industry-standard engineering-based estimating procedures while encompassing the extensive dataset of our Mining Cost Service, SHERPA equips you with the necessary tools to quickly and accurately determine both capital and operational costs for all facets of your mine project.  

Comprehensive Data from Mining Cost Service

With access to the robust dataset of the Mining Cost Service, SHERPA covers all the bases. All necessary salaries, hourly wages, equipment, and supply prices are directly sourced from our cost database, enabling quick estimates with minimal project details. 

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Fully Adjustable Inputs

Tailor your estimates to perfection with SHERPA’s fully adjustable inputs. While our models come complete with suggested values for standard variables, you have the flexibility to customize each item. Whether adjusting for local conditions or running alternate scenarios, SHERPA empowers you to input your expertise directly into the calculations. 

Easy-to-Use Interface

Navigate the estimation process with ease using our modern, cloud-based interface. Designed for efficiency, you can swiftly move through input screens with lightning speed. Finding and modifying values is intuitive, with tooltips providing guidance on each input’s purpose and the application’s suggested values. 

Detailed Reports with Data Visualization

Generate comprehensive project output reports with ease. From Executive Summaries to Total Project Cost Summaries, visualize your estimations in various formats. Export reports in PDF for seamless sharing and analysis with your team. 

SHERPA is your all-in-one solution for mining cost estimation, fueled by Costmine. Unlock the potential for accurate, reliable, and efficient cost projections for your mining projects.


Surface and Underground

Calculate costs for almost any mining project, whether it’s an open-pit, cut and fill, room and pillar, and more. Cost data and engineering parameters are included for nearly any condition you might encounter whether your project is surface or underground.


Environmental impact has never been more important than it is right now, and our reclamation cost models will ensure that you’re prepared for every step during and after mine closure. Keep track of and easily update their reclamation cost estimates for a mine from concept to closure.

Mineral Processing

Our mineral processing models calculate the operating costs and capital expenditures associated with mineral processing plants. Based on data supplied by the user, SHERPA suggests a flow sheet and emulates flow through the plant to arrive at material balance. Along with processing, SHERPA will also estimate engineering requirements for a variety of ancillary facilities, such as a tailings impoundment, water supply and treatment system, mill building, power supply, and even a project camp, if required.


Produce a complete cash flow schedule for your project and compute the projected net present value, pay-back period, and internal rate of return on either a before- or after-tax basis with our financial evaluation models. You can easily compute the breakeven value for any of the data items you entered, such as ore grade, production rate, stripping ratio, smelting charges, or mining costs. Powerful risk and sensitivity modules allow you to examine the economic effects of variations in the data elements

How does it work?

Who is SHERPA for?

SHERPA is an all-in-one package designed for cost estimators and engineers who need quick, reliable cost estimates for their projects. Whether you’re starting from scratch, or simply want to sanity test your own estimates, SHERPA contains all of the necessary data, models, and algorithms to ensure that your work adheres to highest standard of quality in the mining industry. 

Want to learn more about SHERPA and how it can help you streamline your mining cost estimation process?

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Vice-President Sales

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