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Costmine Intelligence Gold Heap Leach Cost Guide is a comprehensive dataset specifically designed to empower estimators, engineers, investors, and accounting professionals in the mining industry. By leveraging the this dataset, you can gain valuable insights into best practices, methodologies, and cost-saving techniques for modern gold heap leach construction, reclamation, and closure. Make informed decisions, streamline operations, and increase your gold recovery rates, all while minimizing costs.

Seamlessly navigate and explore the data via the Costmine Intelligence Portal, a user-friendly web-based hub that allows you to view and download your Costmine Intelligence products with ease. Join the ranks of successful mining professionals who trust Costmine Intelligence to deliver accurate, reliable, and up-to-date gold heap leach cost data. Optimize your operations and unlock the full potential of your gold heap leach projects with Costmine Intelligence Gold Heap Leach Cost Guide.

Our dataset equips you with the knowledge and insights needed to make informed decisions and drive operational excellence.

Global View

This dataset has been meticulously curated through extensive surveys of operating conditions at mining operations worldwide, taking into account reserve bases and innovative cost-saving methods. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to addressing the complexities of gold heap leach operations.

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Increasing Recovery and Reducing Costs

With a focus on optimizing production rates and increasing the rate of gold recovery, this invaluable resource provides essential cost estimating models and insights into modern gold heap leach operations.

Cost Models

In-depth information on the most common processing methods in use today, including carbon adsorption, Merrill-Crowe zinc recovery methods, and the ROM and CSA pre-leach options.

Special Papers

Dive into special papers that explore crucial topics such as leach pad construction alternatives, reclamation, heap leach closure, equipment leasing, cyanide consumption costs, agglomeration, and cost indexes for adjusting estimates.

Explore the dataset


  • Heap Leach Operations for Gold, World-wide (Reserve base, Production, Evolution in Processing)
  • Technologies to Reduce Cost and Increase Recovery
  • 11 X 17 Map includes 322 mines, properties and proposed projects

Cost Models

  • Model 1 – Gold Heap Leach Surface Mine Models
  • Model 2 – Gold Heap Leach Adsorption/Desorption Plant Models
  • Model 3 – Gold Heap Leach Merrill-Crowe Plant Models

Special Papers

  • Paper 1 – Leach Pad Construction Estimating
  • Paper 2 – The Costs of Geomorphic Reclamation Practices
  • Paper 3 – Engineered Cost Estimates for Closing Heap Leach Facilities
  • Paper 4 – Costs for Passive Water Treatment of Haul Road Runoff
  • Paper 5 – Estimating Costs of Agglomeration in Gold Heap Leaching
  • Paper 6 – Estimating Costs of Cyanide Consumption for Gold Heap Leach

Gold Heap Leach Cost Guide Indexes and Metal Prices – USA

  • Additional topics
  • Improving gold recovery at leach operations
  • Practices to reduce costs
  • Heap leach dynamic simulation technology
  • Use of SART (sulfidization-acidification-recovery technology) to reduce cyanide consumption
  • Raincoats in wet climates
  • Expansion of heap leach to old tailings
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Who is Gold Heap Leach Cost Guide for?

Costmine Intelligence Gold Heap Leach Cost Guide is specifically designed for mining cost estimators, engineers, investors, and accounting professionals working on gold mining operations. These professionals are involved in various aspects of gold heap leach operations, including cost analysis, project planning, financial evaluation, and operational optimization. Whether you’re estimating costs for new projects, seeking ways to improve efficiency and recovery rates, or conducting due diligence for investment decisions, this dataset provides everything you need to make data-driven, informed decisions.

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