RANKED: World’s top 10 graphite projects

According to Mining.com, China announced it will require export permits for some graphite products, spurring interest in graphite assets outside the nation. 

China is the world’s top graphite producer and exporter as it refines more than 90% of the world’s graphite into the material that is used in the majority of EV battery anodes. Chinese export limits are intensifying efforts outside China to develop graphite projects.

The United States’ reliance on Chinese supply prompted the U.S. Department of Energy’s to add graphite to its list of critical raw materials. According to Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, this year lithium-ion batteries will surpass the steel industry as the number one source of demand for graphite.

Where is the new supply of graphic coming from?

The editors at Mining.com used Mining Intelligence data to rank the largest graphite projects, based on reported estimates and studies. The graph below is interactive and you can scroll your mouse over each dot to get more information.

Chart of top 10 graphite projects

# 1 Balama North/Nicanda Hill

Development status: Stalled in feasibility

Triton Minerals’ (ASX: TON) Balama North/Nicanda Hill in Mozambique is the top spot with 41.7 million tonnes (mt) of graphite. The project is in the Cabo Delgado region of Northern Mozambique, the same province as Syrah Resources’ (ASX: SYR) Balama mine, the world’s largest graphite producing facility. Triton’s project is currently stalled and the Cabo Delgado province has seen Islamic extremist insurgency.

#2 Sarytogan

Development status: Prefeasibility

In second place is Sarytogan Graphite’s (ASX: SGA) flagship project with 36.3 mt of contained graphite in the Karaganda province of Central Kazakhstan, which is progressing though a pre-feasibility study.

#3 Lac GuÉret

Development status: Preliminary Economic Assessment

Mason Resources’ (TSX-V: LLG) Lac Guéret project in northeastern Québec is in third place with 11.3 mt of contained graphite. The project is undergoing a preliminary economic assessment, and Mason and Nouveau Monde Graphite entered into an option and joint venture agreement to advance the project.

#4 Mahenge

Development status: Permitting

In fourth place is Blackrock Mining’s (ASX: BKT) Mahenge project in Tanzania with 9.3 mt of contained graphite.
The Mahenge project is spread across 324 square kilometres of exploration tenements in Tanzania’s Ulanga district, ~250 kilometres north of the Mozambique border.

#5 Siviour

Development status: Permitting

Renascor Resources’ (ASX: RNU) Siviour graphite project is in fifth place with 5.2 mt of contained graphite. The project is 15 kilometres from Arno Bay on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula.

#6 Epanko

Development status: Permitting

The Epanko graphite project in Tanzania lands in sixth spot with 4.8 mt of contained graphite. Owner Ecograf (ASX: EGR) in April signed an agreement with the Tanzanian Government for the Epanko project.

#7 La Loutre

Development status: Prefeasibility

Lomiko Metals’ (TSX-V: LMR) La Loutre project in Quebec is in seventh place with 2.9 mt contained graphite. The most concentrated supply of natural flake graphite projects is found in the Grenville geological Province of Quebec — and Lomiko’s La Loutre project is at the centre.

#8 Malingunde

Development status: Prefeasibility

NGX Ltd.’s Malingunde project in Malawi is in eighth place with 2.733 mt of contained graphite.

#9 Balama Central

Development status: Permitting

Nearly neck and neck with Malingunde, Tirupa Graphite’s (LON: TGR) Balama Central project in Mozambique is next with 2.732 mt. flake graphite from Balama Central is of a fine enough grade for the graphite anode market.

#10 Bunyu

Development status: Feasibility

Rounding out our list is Volt Resources’ (ASX: VRC) Bunyu project in Tanzania with 2.3 mt of contained graphite. The project is 140km from the deep-water port of Mtwara in the East African country.

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