The Drill Down: Best Gold Assays (June 21-28)

The latest data, identified using the Mining Intelligence platform, reveals a series of impressive gold assays from various exploration and production stages around the world.

This week’s drill down focuses on the top gold assay results from June 21-28, highlighting exceptional discoveries from Vizsla Silver, Lavras Gold, and Orla Mining. These results underscore the dynamic and evolving landscape of gold exploration, revealing promising prospects and potential growth areas within the mining sector.


Vizsla Silver’s Panuco project has yielded the most impressive gold assay of the week with a remarkable intersection of 103.20 g/t gold over 4.90 meters starting from a depth of 219.00 meters. This result showcases Panuco’s potential as a high-grade gold deposit with significant near-surface mineralization. Located in the well-known Panuco-Copala mining district in Mexico, the project benefits from a robust infrastructure and favorable mining conditions. Vizsla Silver’s continuous exploration efforts have consistently delivered high-grade results, underlining the project’s potential to become a major gold producer in the region. The company’s strategic drilling programs aim to expand the resource base and identify new high-grade zones, enhancing Panuco’s economic prospects and its contribution to Mexico’s mining industry.


At the Lavras do Sul project in Brazil, Lavras Gold reported a significant assay of 1.35 g/t gold over an extensive 236.00 meters. This result highlights the substantial mineralization present at Lavras do Sul, which continues to demonstrate its potential as a large-scale gold deposit. The project is situated in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, known for its rich mining history. Lavras Gold’s exploration strategy focuses on both high-grade and bulk tonnage potential, with ongoing drilling aimed at expanding the known resource and uncovering new zones of mineralization. The favorable assay results reinforce Lavras do Sul’s status as a key asset within Lavras Gold’s portfolio and its potential to drive significant growth for the company in the Brazilian mining sector.


Orla Mining’s Camino Rojo project in Mexico continues to impress with an assay of 3.05 g/t gold over 101.50 meters from a depth of 724.00 meters. This noteworthy intersection underscores the project’s potential for large-scale gold production. Camino Rojo is strategically located in Zacatecas, one of Mexico’s most prolific mining states, and benefits from excellent infrastructure and a supportive mining jurisdiction. Orla Mining has been advancing the project through detailed drilling and development programs, aiming to define a robust resource base. The high-grade and extensive nature of the mineralization at Camino Rojo positions it as a cornerstone project for Orla Mining, with the potential to significantly contribute to the company’s growth and the overall gold production in the region.

These outstanding assay results from Vizsla Silver, Lavras Gold, and Orla Mining not only highlight the potential of their respective projects but also reflect the broader trends and opportunities within the global gold exploration industry. As these companies continue to advance their projects, we can anticipate further exciting developments and contributions to the mining sector.

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