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The Drill Down: Best Gold Assays (May 31-June 7)

The latest data, identified using the Mining Intelligence platform, reveals a series of impressive gold assays from various exploration and production stages around the world.

This week’s top assays, spanning from May 31 to June 7, showcase significant findings from ten properties, underscoring the ongoing efforts and successes in gold exploration. The standout results highlight the potential for substantial gold deposits, reinforcing the global significance of these projects in the mining sector.


Lion One Metals has achieved a remarkable milestone at their Tuvatu property in Fiji. The drill hole TGC-0163 intercepted a bonanza gold grade of 393.01 g/t over 1.2 m width. This impressive result underscores the high-grade potential of the Tuvatu project, placing it at the top of this week’s gold assay rankings. The significant grade x width value of 471.61 further highlights the richness of the deposit, making Tuvatu a standout in the global mining sector. Tuvatu, located in the heart of Fiji’s gold belt, is positioned to become a major gold producer, with this high-grade intercept significantly boosting the project’s development prospects and investor confidence.


Nevada King Gold’s Atlanta project in the United States has produced notable results, with drill hole AT23NS-54C* delivering a gold grade of 6.14 g/t over a substantial width of 30.80 meters. This extensive intersection demonstrates the potential for substantial gold resources at Atlanta, marking it as a significant contender in the gold mining industry. The grade x width calculation of 189.11 reflects the promising nature of this exploration effort. Situated in a historically rich mining region, the Atlanta project benefits from established infrastructure and a favorable mining jurisdiction, enhancing its attractiveness for further exploration and development.


Ariana Resources has reported encouraging gold assays from their Dokwe property in Zimbabwe. Drill hole DPD129 intercepted a gold grade of 2.75 g/t over a width of 45.00 meters. This result indicates the potential for a substantial gold deposit at Dokwe, contributing to its ranking among the top gold assays of the week. The grade x width value of 123.75 highlights the promising mineralization at this site. Dokwe, located within Zimbabwe’s prolific gold belts, presents a strategic opportunity for Ariana Resources to expand their portfolio and capitalize on the region’s untapped gold potential. The consistent mineralization encountered suggests the possibility of a sizeable deposit, which could significantly impact the local mining landscape.

The other properties that made it to the top 10 list this week include Afema (Ivory Coast), Bendigo-Ophir (New Zealand), Eleonore South (Canada), Feysville (Australia), Sleeping Giant (Canada), Dittmer (Australia), and Menzies (Australia). These results, sourced from Mining Intelligence, reflect the ongoing efforts and successes in gold exploration across various global jurisdictions. Each of these projects has shown significant potential, contributing to the robust landscape of the gold mining sector.

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