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How Much Do You Make Working at a Mine?

Each year, Costmine Intelligence surveys mines throughout the United States, Canada and other parts of the world for information about wages, salaries, benefits, and incentive bonus plans as part of an extensive data collection program to monitor cost areas and produce its annual labor reports

In 2023, 126 mines in 31 U.S. states, representing over 35,000 mine employees responded to the Costmine U.S. mining compensation survey. Of the 126 mines responding, 45 industrial mineral mines, 46 metal mines, and 16 coal mines increased wages by an average of 3.7%, ranging from 2.0% to 10.0%, in the 12 months preceding the survey. Seven of the metal mines and 12 of the coal mines showed no change in wages. 

None of the mines decreased wages in the last 12 months. Eighty mines offered their employees the opportunity to increase wages through incentive bonus plans. In the chart below, hourly wages of several important jobs at mines are charted with data from the annual report. 

Listed in the full report are actual wage and benefit plan summaries for 53 metal mines, 45 industrial  mineral/aggregate mines, and 28 coal mines. All of the mines are identified by code number only. The information is presented essentially as provided to us by the mining companies, with minimal analysis or manipulation on our part. 

One hundred nine mines provided salary information, of which 51 were metal producers, 37 were industrial mineral and aggregate mines, and 21 were coal mines. This report also includes  executive compensation for over 350 Canadian and U.S. mining companies, traded on U.S. and Canadian stock exchanges. 

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