Picture of Cameco's Cigar Lake Uranium Mine

Costmine Intelligence Uranium Report 2024

The world is entering into a new era for energy and mining.

The demand for renewable technologies is changing the patterns of resource consumption and it is now placing metals and minerals at the centre of this new era for energy.

Almost all nuclear power in the world is sourced from mining uranium. With plans for significant growth in the number of operating nuclear power plants around the world in the near future, there is a growing expectation of increased demand for uranium. 

The increased demand for uranium has been spurred by the COP28 agreement, where 22 countries have committed to tripling their nuclear generation capacities by 2050. COP28 refers to the United Nations Climate Change Conference which took place in Dubai. This surge, coupled with supply constraints from existing mines due to geopolitical risks and soaring uranium prices, has prompted nations to lessen their reliance on Russian imports and revive dormant uranium mines. This shift is expected to spark a renewed interest in uranium exploration and mining worldwide.

Our latest report delves into 578 uranium properties across the globe, offering a comprehensive overview of this evolving landscape. Drawing from meticulously sourced data in our Mining Intelligence database, here are some key insights you can expect:

Geographical Distribution of Uranium Properties

· By Country

· By Asset Type (Mine, Processing Facility, Project)

· By Development Status (Exploration, Advanced Exploration,  Scoping, Preliminary Economic Assessment, Prefeasibility, Feasibility, Permitting, Construction, Commissioning,  Production, Decommissioning, Closed)

Focus on Advanced Exploration

· Distribution of Advanced Exploration Uranium Properties by Country

· Exploration and Discovery Highlights

· Top 10 Uranium Drill Results

· Properties with the Highest Proven and Probable Uranium Reserves

· Development Studies published in 2023

Industry Trends

· Ranking of Uranium Properties by Highest Grade

· Ranking of Uranium Mines by Production

· Notable Mergers and Acquisitions in the Uranium Sector in 2023

· Major Capital Raisings within the Uranium Sector in 2023

Gain valuable insights into the world of uranium exploration and mining with our proprietary data at Mining Intelligence. Explore the trends, developments, and opportunities shaping this dynamic sector.

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