Lithium Triangle

Digging into the Data: The Lithium Triangle

 Lithium which powers our phones, laptops, and electric cars, is becoming essential to our battery-driven world. The demand for lithium has rapidly increased, as the global market’s annual consumption has risen by 8.9 percent annually. 

The demand is set to increase as hybrid and electric vehicles, energy storage systems, and portable electronics become an intergral part of how the world powers their lives everyday. While lithium has been found on each of the inhabited continents, Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia hold more than 75 percent of the world’s supply beneath their salt flats in an area known as the Lithium Triangle.

Costmine Intelligence collects data on over 41,000+ projects and we wanted give a sample of the data we collect. This data set reveals the patterns of lithium operations from early stage exploration, production and to refining in order for you to identify and study the next sources of lithium in the world. 

Digging into the Data

The interactive map below highlights where 39 projects are along the mine development life cycle. Interact and click on the projects to learn their name and status.

While there is great potential in the Lithium Triangle, project development is not limited to this region and deposit type. The United States and Australia are seeing significant progress with developing their lithium reserves.

In a spotlight on the world’s top producing lithium mines —  covering a significant amount of global lithium production — our data provides a ranking of the biggest operations, based on lithium in concentrate produced in 2022 and measured in kilotonnes.

Data for your needs

This geographic and project status data mapped is just the tip of the iceberg of what you can discover on the Costmine Intelligence platform about each of these lithium projects. 

Working on our platform you will uncover information such as:

Executive and Directors: Access current and historical Directors and Executives information (limited to companies listed on a North American trading exchange). Get job titles, status, and appointment year for each individual, and read bios for each director.

Capital Raisings: Track capital raisings to gauge the mining industry’s health. Check daily to find out the amount and who is raising capital for exploration, development, working capital or debt retirement. Look for details on equity flow-through, warrants, and raising agents.

Enhanced Financials: Analyze a company’s financial performance with the quick overview table or detailed reports for income, balance sheet, cash flow, and earnings/operations ratios. Check key fundamental charts, too.

Options and Royalties: Search and analyze by company or property to find granted options and royalties. Compare properties with options and expiry date, option amount, and detailed notes. Compare royalties by type, start date, expiry date, and detailed notes. 

Mergers and Acquisitions: Compare companies’ buying or divesting of assets through property or corporate acquisitions. Access analytics on Overview, Assets, Financial, and Valuation tabs. Compare total acquisition cost, method of consideration, purchased assets and reserves/resources, in situ value, amount paid per commodity, and value per unit metal as a percentage of the commodity price.

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