Costmine Intelligence Peru Report 2024

Peru holds a prominent position in the global copper production landscape, characterized by its significant contributions to the global supply, extensive reserves, and robust mining infrastructure. The significant increase in copper production in Peru over the past 15 years can be attributed to several key factors:

Investment in Mining Infrastructure: There has been substantial investment in mining infrastructure, including the development of new mines and the expansion of existing ones. Major projects such as the Las Bambas, Toromocho, and Cerro Verde expansions have significantly boosted production capacity.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI): Peru has attracted significant foreign direct investment due to its favorable mining policies, regulatory framework, and political stability. Countries like China have been particularly active in investing in Peru’s mining sector.

High Copper Prices: The global demand for copper, driven by industrial growth and the rising demand for electric vehicles and renewable energy, has led to sustained high copper prices. This economic environment has incentivized increased production.

Technological Advancements: Improvements in mining technology and techniques have enhanced extraction and processing efficiency, reducing costs and increasing output.

Government Policies: The Peruvian government has implemented policies and incentives to promote mining activities. These include tax incentives, streamlined permitting processes, and efforts to improve infrastructure such as roads and ports.

Exploration and Discovery: Increased exploration activities have led to the discovery of new copper deposits, further contributing to the growth in production.

Stable Regulatory Environment: A relatively stable regulatory environment compared to other mining jurisdictions in Latin America has made Peru an attractive destination for mining investments.

In line to the growing demand for Copper, Costmine Intelligence identified  over 50 active key copper properties in Peru, across various development stages. Drawing from meticulously sourced data from Mining Intelligence platform, here are some key insights you can expect:


  • Mining Investments in Peru
  • Mining Projects in Peru
  • Peru: Economic Overview


Copper Properties Distribution: By Development Status

  • Production Stage Mines
  • Construction Stage Mines
  • Advanced Exploration Stage Projects
  • Feasibility Stage Projects
  • Prefeasibility Stage Projects
  • Permitting Stage Projects
  • Scoping Stage Projects
  • Preliminary Economic Assessment Stage Projects


Key Areas Covered

  • Corporate Profile
  • Copper Reserves, Resources and Contained Metal
  • Reserves and Resources Value
  • Copper Production
  • Financial Indicators
  • Financial Statement Indicators
  • Capital Raisings
  • Development Studies

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