Costmine Intelligence Lithium Report 2024

The Evolving Lithium Market

An unprecedented shift has swept through the global lithium markets, driven by the soaring demand for electric vehicles (EVs) and the wider push for a green revolution. Lithium, a crucial component of EV batteries, has shifted from obscurity to the forefront of commodity markets. Simultaneously, the escalating interest in sustainable technology and renewable energy sources, spurred by the green revolution, has underscored the urgency to combat climate change. Electric cars have emerged as pivotal agents of change, promising reduced carbon emissions and decreased reliance on fossil fuels. Consequently, the demand for electric cars (and consequently lithium-ion batteries) has surged, propelling the lithium market from surplus to deficit and leaving many stakeholders grappling with uncertainty.

This shifting landscape has triggered a frenzy among automakers, technology firms, and governments, all striving to secure a stable supply of lithium. Mines have expanded, new projects have launched, and ore exploration has intensified. However, the delay in expanding lithium production capacity has resulted in persistent shortages and escalating prices.

Our latest report delves into 698 Lithium Properties across the globe, offering a comprehensive overview of this evolving landscape. Drawing from meticulously sourced data from our Mining Intelligence database, here are some key insights you can expect:

Geographical Distribution of Lithium Properties:

– By Country

– By Asset Type (Mine, Projects, Processing Facilities)

– By Development Status (Exploration, Advanced Exploration, Production, Feasibility, Preliminary Economic Assessment, Construction, Permitting, Commissioning, Scoping)

Development Stage Lithium Properties:

– Advance, Exploration, and Production Properties

Largest Global Lithium Operations:

– Largest Lithium Operations by Production

– Distribution of Largest Lithium Operations by Ownership and Deposit Type

– Distribution of Largest Lithium Operations by Reserves and Resources and Grade (%)

Lithium Triangle Production Stage Properties:

– Distribution of Production Stage Lithium Properties By Reserves and Resources and Grade (%)

– Distribution of Lithium Triangle Properties by Ownership, Country and Deposit Type

Lithium Industry Capital Raisings:

– Top Capital Financing in Lithium Industry (Company, Financing Type, Property, Agents, Activities)

Lithium Option Agreements:

– Upcoming Lithium Option Agreements (Company, Interest (%), Expiry Date, Work Type)

Lithium Development Studies:

– Key Lithium Development Studies (Production, Preliminary Economic Assessment, Prefeasibility, Permitting, Feasibility, Construction, Commissioning)

Lithium Properties in Major Mining Jurisdictions:

– Key Lithium Properties in Major Mining Jurisdictions (Nevada, Quebec, Western Australia, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan)

Gain valuable insights into the world of lithium exploration and mining with our proprietary data at Mining Intelligence. Explore the trends, developments, and opportunities shaping this dynamic sector.

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