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Costmine Intelligence Ring of Fire Report 2024

Ring of Fire: North America’s next Mining District?

Ontario’s Ring of Fire was discovered in 2007 and is one of the most promising mineral development opportunities for critical minerals in the province. It is located approximately 500 kms northeast of Thunder Bay and covers about 5,000 square kilometers.

While Ontario’s Ministry of Mines says Ring of Fire could be worth $1 trillion, a figure which critics say is exaggerated, Wyloo Metals, which owns significant claims in the area, estimates the value of “defined ore bodies” at $90 billion. According to the Wildlands League, a non-profit conservation group, the number of mining claims in the Ring of Fire area has increased by over 28% since September 2022. The claims now cover approximately 626,000 hectares, nearly 10 times the size of Toronto. Similarly, as of December 2023, there were 33,074 mining claims in the area according to Ontario Ministry of Mines. As of September 2023, Juno Corp, a Toronto-based mining company held more than 17,000 mining claims covering ~333,000 hectares in the Ring of Fire region. The company holds exploration drilling permits at two sites. Similarly, Wyloo Metals, formerly Ring of Fire Metals Ltd., holds more than 10,600 claims in the region.

Ring of Fire’s Eagle’s Nest project is the most advanced project in the area. According to analysis conducted by Costmine Intelligence, the mine reserves are estimated at 11.1 million tonnes grading 1.68% nickel, 0.87% copper, 0.87 g/t platinum, 3.09-grams palladium, and 0.18-gram gold. The company received a $500,000 grant from the Critical Minerals Innovation Fund to test storing tailings as underground backfill in mine workings.

Our latest report released by Costmine Intelligence identified 33 key properties located in the Ring of Fire region, offering a comprehensive overview of this opportunity. Drawing from meticulously sourced data from Mining Intelligence database, here are some key insights you can expect:


  • Geology
  • Climate
  • Transportation
  • Recent Developments


Properties Distribution: By Development Status

  • Advanced Exploration Stage Properties: By Commodity Exposure
  • Advanced Exploration Stage Properties: Financials
  • Advanced Exploration Stage Properties: Recent M&A
  • Exploration Stage Properties
  • Exploration Stage Properties: Financials
  • Prospect and Feasibility Stage Properties


Case Study

Eagle’s Nest: Wyloo Metals


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