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The Reclamation Cost Estimator is an engineering-based program that uses your project and site parameters to estimate the equipment, labor, supply, and administrative costs associated with mine site reclamation.

Designed to quickly estimate the costs of a multitude of common reclamation tasks including water treatment, demolition, disposal, earthwork, reseeding, adit and mine closure, and long-term monitoring, the Reclamation Cost Estimator provides the tools, the methods and the costs associated with each activity common during and after mine closure.

All New, Intuitive Interface

Built on the latest technology, our lightning fast, modern interface gives you all the accuracy of engineering-based practices, in a quick and easy to use format.

Project Reports

Share your work with colleagues in an easy to read PDF project report. The data is formatted in a professional and concise manner, making it ideal for presentations and distributing to your team for review.

Fully Customizable

All values supplied by the application can be easily altered by the user within the operating environment of the program.

Accurate and Reliable Mining Cost Data

Current supply and equipment prices are contained in a separate database, which is automatically queried by the application. Most cost values found in the database are supplied by Costmine’s Mining Cost Service.

Comprehensive Reclamation Cost Data

Landforms Change, the World Changes, and Mining Needs to Adapt

Environmental impact has never been more important than it is right now, and the mining industry needs to adapt to plan for reclaiming disturbances before, during, and after mining operations are complete. Modern mine reclamation means planning and preparation of reclamation activities before mining begins and is an integral part of the mine permit and planning process. But one question remains; how do you calculate reclamation costs, and how do you plan for future costs?

Our Reclamation Cost Estimator provides the tools, the methods and the costs associated with every activity common during and after mine closure.

Engineering Based Solutions

Lower Your Risk and Quickly Calculate Capital and Operating Costs

The Reclamation Cost Estimator makes building accurate and reliable estimates easier than it’s ever been. With an intuitive, easy to use interface, and comprehensive data set, you can turn your project data into a reliable cost estimate in just a few steps.


Enter basic information regarding the project such as location, distances to support and disposal facilities, and project duration along with engineering parameters associated with specific site tasks. The application immediately estimates and displays equipment and labor requirements, along with the equipment unit operating costs and the hourly wage estimates.

View project specific cost data and adjust it as necessary for each reclamation task. Work with your data, categorized into key tasks making it quick and easy to customize your estimates. Our engineering processes are designed to minimize the number of machines mobilized to the site to reduce expenses and maximize output.

The program displays a summary of costs for each site task. All subsequent calculations are based upon this summary value, including comprehensive estimates for all your administrative costs, as well as a contingency to cover unanticipated or unforeseen project requirements.

From start to finish, all costs displayed in the application can be adjusted at any time to get the most accurate results possible.



Review your estimate in a detailed report complete with totals for all the project task costs and administrative fees of your project to provide an estimate of the required reclamation bond value. You can then save these results in an easy to read PDF format that you can share with your team.

Comprehensive Reclamation Cost Data

Manage Reclamation Estimates Through the Lifecycle of a Project

Reclamation cost estimation is required throughout the the lifecycle of a mine. Closure costs need to be be developed for mine planning and budgeting, financial reporting (corporate balance sheet liabilities), and regulator reporting for financial assurances and environmental bonding.

Mining companies need to be prepared to manage, update and defend the validity of their estimated closure costs for 20 years or more. At a minimum, estimates need to be made during the following stages:  Pre-FEED planning, FEED, Final investment decision, construction, operations, transition to closure, and active closure.

The Reclamation Cost Estimator is designed to help mining companies keep track of and easily update their reclamation cost estimates for a mine from concept to closure.

The program is designed to estimate the costs of a multitude of common reclamation tasks including:


Site Work





Planting & Seeding

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