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Our team has been hard at work building a new cloud-based cost estimation platform, and we’re ready to share it with you.

All New Interface

Reclamation Cost Estimator

Costmine Reclamation Cost Estimator is an engineering-based application that uses project and site parameters supplied by you to estimate the equipment, labor, supply, and administrative costs associated with mine site reclamation.

Enhance your estimates with fully customizable values on hundreds of fields in a cutting edge, and easy to use online tool.

Our proprietary Mining Cost Estimation tools are underpinned by our industry standard cost data set and powered by incredibly precise engineering-based calculations. These tools are fully customizable and allow you to develop an exceptional view of early stage capital and operating costs.

Engineering Based Solutions

Lower Your Risk and Quickly Calculate Capital and Operating Costs with SHERPA

Our software is designed, coded, and produced by people who estimate costs for a living. Determine the costs of all pertinent design alternatives to build cost estimates quickly, and with confidence using the SHERPA suite of software.

SHERPA for Surface Mines

SHERPA for Surface Mines combines hundreds of engineering parameters with our Mining Cost Service data to build reliable and accurate surface development and mining cost estimates.

Values are estimated for all necessary engineering parameters, including blasthole loading factors, material densities, and types of explosives, using minimal project information. You can tailor these values even further resulting in more accurate estimates to match your specific requirements and locales.

SHERPA for Underground Mines

SHERPA for Underground Mines calculates hundreds of engineering parameters for multiple configurations of vein, massive, bedded, and elongated deposits.

Costs are automatically estimated using production and deposit data, but customizable fields for daily production rates, stoping methods, development requirements, wages, supply prices, equipment types, and more allow you to create estimates that more closely meet your project specifications.

SHERPA for Mineral Processing

SHERPA for Mineral Processing uses your project data to provide an estimate of the capital and operating costs associated with a specific mineral property development task.

Estimate the costs of purchase and installation of processing equipment, constructing the mill and associated facilities, including a tailings impoundment, and operating the entire plant to separate and recover the valuable minerals.

SHERPA for Placer Mines

SHERPA for Placer Mines Sherpa for Placer Mines is an engineering-based menu-driven program that uses production and deposit data supplied by the user to calculate a series of engineering parameters, which are in turn used by the program to estimate equipment, labor, and supply costs. The user works through these parameters, changing them as necessary to tailor the estimate to conditions at a specific location.

APEX Financial Evaluation

APEX Financial Evaluation is the standard for economic mining evaluation for hundreds of companies worldwide. With its solid foundation of economic principles, this tool unlocks valuable insight required for key financial decisions.

Input a variety of economic criteria including resource size, mining costs, dilution, and mill recovery, to calculate the resulting net present values, payback periods, rates of return, and breakeven values, providing vital analysis of risk and sensitivity.

Our sales team is standing by to help you find the right tools and bundles to help you with your specific Mining Cost Estimation needs.

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