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We are leaders in Mining Cost Estimation and advisory services. Whether your project is open pit, underground, in-situ leach, heap leach, flotation or placer our experts have you covered across a wide range of commodities and deposit types.

We offer specialized project evaluation and cost estimating services to help you make better mine project investment decisions. We undertake technical due diligence studies; do third-party reviews of existing reports; develop detailed, engineering-based, site-specific cost models; conduct scoping studies; serve as expert witnesses; and much more.

Our dedicated team of geologists and engineers bring decades of international mining industry experience, spanning the full mining cycle: from project generation and exploration, through mining, mineral processing, and reclamation. Our consultants are backed by an extensive and unparalleled in-house cost database with 35+ years of history. This unique combination allows us to conduct prefeasibility-level cost estimates and project evaluations with unprecedented reliability and efficiency.

Our Consulting Team

Jennifer Leinart

Director, Cost Estimating

Jennifer has over 40 years of experience in the mining industry, from exploration through development and mine operations. She is a specialist in cost and resource estimating and economic analysis, starting out in the team that developed the Red Dog mine in Alaska after it was discovered in the 1980s. She has worked on projects ranging from metals to coal and diamonds to garnets in North American and international locations. Jennifer is a registered member of SME and a licensed professional geologist based in Spokane, Washington, USA. She holds a BSc degree in Geology from Colorado State University.

Scott Stebbins

President, Aventurine Engineering

Scott has spent the majority of his 35-year career estimating the capital and operating costs of more than 140 mining and mineral processing projects, and then evaluating their economic potential. He specializes in constructing engineering-based, mathematic cost estimating models that can be used to evaluate a multitude of development scenarios for exploration stage projects. Scott is a licensed professional mining engineer based in Spokane, Washington, USA, and authored the chapters on both surface and underground mine cost estimating for the Society of Mining Engineer’s Mining Engineering Handbook.

Brad Terhune

Cost Analyst / Senior Geologist

Brad has over 20 years of experience in the mining industry, including exploration consulting and mine operations in North America and East Africa. He has been integral in the derivation of costs associated with prefeasibility stage and earlier mine and mineral property evaluations at Infomine. He is a Registered Member of SME and a licensed professional geologist based in Spokane, Washington, USA. He holds a BS degree in Geology and Geophysics from the University of Missouri – Rolla and a MS degree in Geology and Geological Engineering from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.

Sam Blakely

Cost Analyst / Geologist

Sam has experience working for diverse clients in the base metal and industrial mineral industries. He has contributed to several assorted projects in South America, East Africa and throughout the Western United States. His experience with InfoMine has focused on research and cost estimating for InfoMine publications and clients, as well as working with InfoMine’s development team to ensure the quality of Mining Intelligence Evaluate.

Krista Noyes

Cost Analyst / Reclamation Specialist

Krista surveys and publishes the Mine Salaries, Wages and Benefits Reports, other compensation surveys, and the Reclamation Cost Service, published by InfoMine. Prior to joining the CostMine team at InfoMine, she was an Environmental Coordinator with Newmont’s Western Nevada division, based at the Twin Creeks mine and at Hecla Mining Company’s successfully reclaimed and closed Rosebud Mine in Northern Nevada. She holds a BS degree in Geology from the University of Idaho.

David Boleneus

Cost Analyst / Senior Geologist

David has over 45 years of professional experience with major mining companies, oil companies and consulting organizations across the globe. He has spent more than 20 years in geological research with U.S. Geological Survey’s Geologic Division and with U.S. Bureau of Mines’ Branch of engineering and economic analysis. His numerous investigations resulted in over 20 peer-reviewed professional publications. He is a Registered Member of SME and Licensed Geologist-Hydrogeologist and is certified as a mineral examiner with U.S. Department of Interior.

Proprietary Tools

Our team utilizes a set of very sophisticated cost estimation tools that bring together our unparalleled mining industry database, with reliable and accurate engineering-based calculations. Developed over 35 years, these tools allow our consultants to work quickly and efficiently to create cost and economic studies to help you make the most informed decisions possible.

Learn more about the cost estimation software and cost guides our team uses and are also available for purchase.

Get in contact with our team to determine the right services and tools to help you with your specific Mining Cost Estimation needs.

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