U.S. Mine Salaries, Wages and Benefits Report

Stay competitive by comparing your wages, benefits, and bonuses to those of other mining companies

Costmine has been surveying US mining companies for their wage and benefits since 1983, expanding to include salary data in 1986. Our report includes data from precious, base and ferrous, industrial mineral, aggregate, and coal mining operations across the United States.

This report contains the full results of CostMine’s 37th annual survey of compensation practices at U.S. mining companies. Our report includes data from 39 coal mining operations and 102 precious, base and ferrous, industrial mineral, and aggregate mines in 42 states. This report features:

  • Salary summaries for managerial, technical and administrative personnel at 101 coal, metal, and industrial mineral mine and aggregate operations.
  • Wage scales listed by job title for hourly workers at 165 coal, metal, and industrial mineral and aggregate mines.
  • Executive compensation for over 200 Canadian and American metal, industrial mineral, and coal mining companies, traded on U.S. stock exchanges.
  • Benefit plan profiles for each mine.
  • Incentive bonus plan descriptions for many new and innovative plans reported by the mines.
  • Statistical tables for comparing salaries, wages and benefits among union and non-union mines, eastern and western U.S. mines, surface vs. underground mines and others.
  • Workers compensation & unemployment tax rate summaries for mining in all 50 states.

The mines included in these reports cover a broad range of size and types. All of the mines are identified by state or regions, size, number of employees, and whether union or non-union. Mine names are not included. In past years U.S. coal mines and U.S. metal and industrial mineral mines were in separate reports.

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Personnel Managers

Contribute to our next series of reports by participating in our labour compensation surveys. Your input helps us stay current and accurate, and to show our appreciation we offer a range of incentives for participants.

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Executive Summary

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Canadian Mine Salaries, Wages, and Benefits Report

This report contains the full results of our annual survey of compensation practices at Canadian mining companies. Our report includes data from 68 metal, diamond, industrial mineral, aggregate, and fossil fuel mines in 9 provinces: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Northwest Territories, Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan. 

$2,100 USD

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