Equipment Estimator’s Bundle

Reliable equipment cost estimating requires experience, judgement, attention to detail and the best cost data available. You’ve got the experience and judgement, but do you have the cost data you need?

Our Mine & Mill Equipment Cost Guide is the most reliable source of up-to-date equipment costs available to the mining industry today. Estimators worldwide have relied on quick access to our data on capital and hourly operating costs for over 20 years.

Included are capital and operating costs for over 3,000 equipment items most commonly found at mines and mills around the world – from 2 HP pumps to 2,000 HP trucks, from $200 slusher buckets to $30,000,000 walking draglines.

The Equipment Cost Calculator provides all the same information as our Mine & Mill Equipment Cost Guide in a convenient online format. Build your equipment fleet, tabulate its costs, adjust for local economics and conditions, and export the data into your own spreadsheet for further analysis.

Purchase them together for a special bundle price.

What's Included


Both the Mine & Mill Equipment Guide and Equipment Cost Calculator provide you with the underlying cost estimating methodology that you need to fully understand, adjust and have confidence in your estimates.

Each equipment listing includes:

  • Specification information to help you select the right size and type of equipment for your project.
  • Horsepower ratings to help you determine fuel or power requirements.
  • Current list prices to help you determine your capital budget for equipment.
  • Hourly operating costs itemized for overhead, overhaul parts and labor, maintenance parts and labor, fuel, electric power, lubricants, tires, and wear parts to give you instant estimates of operating costs.
  • Unit cost basis for hourly operating costs to allow adjustments for local wages and prices.

Equipment Cost Calculator brings you the added ability to change parameters on-the-fly to meet your specific project requirements. Unit costs such as repair labor, fuel, natural gas, electricity and lubricants can be changed to match your local supplier costs and factor-based adjustments may be applied to other individual cost centers such as tires or wear parts. Moreover, currencies may be adjusted to account for locales outside of North America.

Mobile and stationary equipment for surface and underground mining, reclamation and processing of coal, metals, and industrial minerals are included, with all prices and costs in USD.

Who uses our cost guides?

  • Cost Estimators
  • Engineers
  • Purchasing Agents
  • Geologist
  • Appraisers

The Guide is ideal for

  • Determining project costs
  • Checking prices before you buy
  • Estimating capital and operating budgets
  • Establishing baseline prices for appraisals

What can you do with the ECC?

  • Select your equipment inventory from our database of over 3,000 models and sizes
  • Utilize Costmine’s current capital cost and hourly operating cost data for all of the items you select.
  • Adjust the cost data to reflect local unit costs, currencies, operating conditions and economics.
  • Print a report containing the capital and operating cost data for your equipment inventory.
  • Export your inventory list with cost data to an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis if desired.

Returning Customers

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The Benefits to You

Once you have determined your mine or mill equipment requirements, the rest is easy. In a matter of minutes, you can determine capital and hourly operating costs for every equipment item in your list. Never guess at costs or waste time trying to locate a manufacturer to give you prices. We’ve tabulated all the cost data you need in a convenient look-up format. Our capital costs are actual list prices or reliable approximations. Our operating costs are solid engineering estimates.

Have confidence in your equipment selection procedures, so you and others can have confidence in your cost estimates, with the Costmine Australian Equipment Estimator Bundle.

Equipment Types Included in the Cost Calculator and Mine & Mill Equipment Cost Guide

  • Agglomerators 
  • Air Separators/Air Classifiers 
  • Alluvial Mineral Treatment Plants 
  • Analyzers 
  • Backhoes, Hydraulic 
  • Bag Packing Machines 
  • Bag Palletizing Machines 
  • Bag Placing Machines 
  • Battery Chargers, Locomotive 
  • Bin, Storage 
  • Blocks, Dragline/Dredge 
  • Blowers 
  • Briquetting Machines 
  • Bucket Elevators 
  • Bucketwheel Excavators 
  • Buildings 
  • Cap Lamps and Chargers 
  • Carbon Stripping Systems 
  • Cars, Rail
  • Cars, Railroad
  • Catalytic Diesel Filters 
  • Cathode Stripping Machines 
  • Centrifuges
  • Chutes, In-Line Loading 
  • Clarification Systems 
  • Classifiers, Screw 
  • Coal Breaker 
  • Communication System, Underground, Voice and Data 
  • Compactor, Drum 
  • Compactors, Self-Propelled 
  • Compressors, Centrifugal, Stationary 
  • Compressors, Low Profile 
  • Compressors, Portable 
  • Compressors, Rotary Screw, Stationary 
  • Compressors, Shop, Stationary 
  • Concrete Pumps 
  • Continuous Haulage Belt Conveyor Systems
  • Continuous Miners 
  • Continuous Miners, Boom-Type (Roadheader) 
  • Continuous Miners, Boom-type (Roadheaders) 
  • Continuous Miners, Dintheader-Type 
  • Continuous Miners, Surface Drum-Type 
  • Controller, Variable RPM, Electric Motor
  • Conveyor Feeder-Breakers  
  • Conveyor Magnets 
  • Conveyor, Portable Jump 
  • Conveyor, Scales 
  • Conveyors, Overland/In-Pit 
  • Conveyors, Process Plant 
  • Conveyors, Rail 
  • Conveyors, Screw 
  • Coolers, Rotary 
  • Cranes, Hydraulic 
  • Cranes, Overhead Traveling Bridge 
  • Crushers, Coal, Reversible Hammermill 
  • Crushers, Coal, Roll
  • Crushers, Double Roll 
  • Crushers, Gyratory 
  • Crushers, Jaw, Double Toggle 
  • Crushers, Jaw, Single Toggle 
  • Crushers, Non-clogging Hammermill 
  • Crushers, Reversible Hammermill 
  • Crushers, Shorthead Cone 
  • Crushers, Shorthead Cone, Heavy Duty 
  • Crushers, Single Rotor Impact 
  • Crushers, Standard Cone 
  • Crushers, Standard Cone, Heavy Duty 
  • Crushers, Standard Hammermill 
  • Crushers, Vertical Shaft Impact 
  • Crushing/Screening Plants, Portable 
  • Cyanide Analyzer 
  • Cyclones, Wet, Coal 
  • Cyclones, Wet, Mineral 
  • Density Separator 
  • Diamond Drill Equipment
  • Draglines, Crawler 
  • Draglines, Walking 
  • Dredges 
  • Dredges, Cutterhead 
  • Drilling Equipment
  • Drills, Percussion Crawler 
  • Drills, Percussion Rubber-Tired 
  • Drills, Reverse Circulation 
  • Drills, Rotary Crawler 
  • Drills, Rotary, Truck Mounted Blasthole 
  • Drives (See Mill Drives, Reducers)  
  • Drives 
  • Drum Fillers (Also see Bag Packers) 
  • Dryers, Rotary Gas-Fired 
  • Dust Collectors, Bag Filter 
  • Dust Collectors, Bin 
  • Dust Collectors, Wet Scrubber 
  • Electric Motors, AC
  • Electric Motors, AC – Crusher Duty
  • Electric Motors, DC
  • Electric Power Transmission Lines 
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Electrostatic Separators 
  • Electrowinning Cells 
  • Engines, Diesel 
  • Evaporators, Tailings Pond 
  • Excavators, Wheeled 
  • Explosive Storage Bins 
  • Explosive Storage Magazines 
  • Feed Distributors 
  • Feeders, Apron 
  • Feeders, Belt 
  • Feeders, Vibrating 
  • Feeders, Wobbler 
  • Fillers, Bulk Bag 
  • Filters, Disk 
  • Filters, Horizontal Belt Filter Press 
  • Filters, Plate and Frame Pressure 
  • Filters, Pressure Leaf 
  • Filters, Reverse Osmosis 
  • Filters, Rotary Drum 
  • Filters, Tube Press Dewatering  
  • Flotation Machines, Column
  • Flotation Machines, Self-Aerating 
  • Flotation Machines, Standard 
  • Furnaces, Melt 
  • Generator Sets, Diesel Powered 
  • Generator Sets, Gas Turbine, Diesel Powered 
  • Generator Sets, Gas Turbine, Natural Gas Powered 
  • Gold Concentrator, Centrifugal 
  • Graders (with ripper/scarifier) 
  • Grinders, Drill Bit 
  • Grinding Mill Liner Cranes 
  • Grinding Mill Rod Chargers 
  • Grinding Mills, Rod and Ball: 
  • Grinding Mills, Roller 
  • Grinding Mills, Semi-Autogenous (SAG) 
  • Grinding Mills, Vertically Stirred (Tower) 
  • Grizzlies, Vibrating 
  • Grout Plants 
  • Haulage Dispatch System, Computerized 
  • Heat Exchanger-Shell and Tube Type 
  • Heaters, Portable Diesel 
  • Heavy Media Vessels 
  • Hoists, Overhead Trolley 
  • Hoppers, Feed 
  • Hydraulic Mining Systems 
  • Impact Hammer, Mobile 
  • Impact Hammers, Pedestal Mounted 
  • Jigs, Circular (Radial) 
  • Jigs, Pan American 
  • Jigs, Shot Separator 
  • Kilns, Direct-fired Rotary 
  • Kilns, Indirect-fired Rotary 
  • Laboratory Equipment 
  • Lift Trucks (Forklifts) 
  • Lifts, Articulating Boom 
  • Lifts, Scissor 
  • Lights, Portable Diesel 
  • Lime Slaking Plant 
  • Loaders, Continuous 
  • Loaders, Crawler 
  • Loaders, Overhead Shovel Autoloader 
  • Loaders, Skid Steer 
  • Loaders, Wheel 
  • Load-Haul-Dump and Coal Scoop Tractors 
  • Locomotives, Coal
  • Locomotives, Diesel 
  • Locomotives, Noncoal, Battery 
  • Locomotives, Noncoal, Trolley 
  • Locomotives, Switching 
  • Log Washers 
  • Longwall Mining Systems
  • Longwall Shield Retrievers 
  • Magnetic Separators 
  • Merrill Crowe Plants 
  • Mill Drivers, Gearless 
  • Mine Hoists 
  • Mine Hoists, Rack and Pinion 
  • Mixers
  • Mixers, Paddle 
  • Mixers, Pin Mill 
  • Mixer-Settlers 
  • Mulchers 
  • Ore Sorters, Sensor-Based 
  • Parts Washers, Power 
  • Pelletizers, Disk 
  • Pelletizers, Drum 
  • Pipe Equipment 
  • Placer Gold Washing Units 
  • Pumps, Centrifugal Acidic/Caustic 
  • Pumps, Centrifugal Trash 
  • Pumps, Clear Water 
  • Pumps, Diaphragm 
  • Pumps, Froth 
  • Pumps, Fuel  
  • Pumps, Metering 
  • Pumps, Mine Dewatering 
  • Pumps, Piston 
  • Pumps, Process 
  • Pumps, Slurry 
  • Pumps, Submersible Permissible 
  • Pumps, Submersible 
  • Pumps, Vertical 
  • Pumps, Water Well 
  • Rail Car Dumpers 
  • Rail Car Movers 
  • Raise Boring Machines 
  • Raise Climber 
  • Reagent Feeders 
  • Reducers
  • Refuge Chambers 
  • Retorts, Mercury  
  • Rock Dusters 
  • Roof Bolters 
  • SAG Mills 
  • Samplers, Automatic Belt 
  • Samplers, Automatic Slurry 
  • Scaler 
  • Scalpers, Coal 
  • Scraper Hoists, Electric 
  • Scrapers, Coal 
  • Scrapers, Elevating 
  • Scrapers, Standard 
  • Scrapers, Tandem, Push-Pull 
  • Scrapers, Towed 
  • Screens, Dewatering/Desliming 
  • Screens, Trommel 
  • Screens, Trommel-Mobile 
  • Screens, Vibrating
  • Scrubbers, Wet
  • Seeders 
  • Shaft Cutting Machines 
  • Shaft Sinking Equipment  
  • Shotcreting Systems 
  • Shovels, Cable 
  • Shovels, Hydraulic 
  • Shuttle Cars 
  • Sieves 
  • Skips, Bottom Dump Ore 
  • Sluice Boxes, Magnetic 
  • Sluice Boxes, Standard 
  • Slusher Blocks 
  • Slusher Buckets 
  • Solution Heaters
  • Spill Berms 
  • Spiral Concentrators 
  • Stackers, Conveyor 
  • Stackers, Conveyor, Large 
  • Stackers, Portable Conveyor 
  • Stacking Tubes 
  • Storage, Silo Concrete 
  • Stretch Wrapping Systems 
  • Tables, Concentrating 
  • Tanks, Bladder 
  • Tanks, Cyanidation, Steel 
  • Tanks, Horizontal Pressure 
  • Tanks, Polyethylene 
  • Tanks, Steel 
  • Tanks, Steel, Fuel 
  • Tanks, Steel, Stainless 
  • Tanks, Water/Liquid Storage 
  • Telehandlers 
  • Thickeners 
  • Tractors, Crawler (with ripper) 
  • Tractors, Wheel 
  • Trailers, Equipment Hauler 
  • Trailers, Rear-Dump Haulers 
  • Trailers, Rear-Dump Highway Haulers 
  • Trailers, Side Dump 
  • Transmixers 
  • Transporters, Crawler 
  • Transporters, Wheeled 
  • Truck Scales 
  • Trucks, 4 Wheel Drive 
  • Trucks, Bottom-Dump Coal Haulers, Mechanical 
  • Trucks, Flatbed 
  • Trucks, Rear-Dump, Articulated, Mechanical Drive 
  • Trucks, Rear-Dump, Highway 
  • Trucks, Rear-Dump, Rigid Frame 
  • Trucks, Service 
  • Trucks, Shot Loader 
  • Trucks, Underground Ore and Coal Haulers 
  • Tuggers, Air Powered Winches 
  • Tunnel Boring Machines 
  • Utility Vehicles, Underground
  • Vacuum Pumps 
  • Vacuum Tank, Clean Up 
  • Vehicle Washing Systems 
  • Ventilation Equipment Auxiliary Fans 
  • Ventilation Equipment, Axial Fans 

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